Excursions to Giverny

One hour from Paris, at the gates of Normandy, escape yourself to these landscapes that inspired the greatest French impressionist painters, like Claude Monet. It is here, in particular, that the masterpiece Les Nymphéas was born.

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Your perfect day in Giverny


Visit Claude Monet’s house and gardens.


Gourmet restaurant Le Panoramique du domaine de la Corniche (Michelin-starred establishment, boutique hotel, spa and bistro.


Visit the Museum of Impressionism and promenade in places that hosted and inspired the greatest painters of the late nineteenth century. The banks of the Loire abound with picturesque landscapes and authentic villages, made famous by the artists who sketched them.

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The house and gardens of Monet open to you

Claude Monet, probably the most famous French impressionist painter, settled in Giverney in 1883. He lived in coloured place for 43 years. It’s in this house and garden that he painted the most famous of his paintings: Les Nymphéasor Le Pont japonais. This place has so much inspired Monet’s work that you will have the feeling of a dive into the heart of his art. The gardens are themselves compositions to discover, designed by a passionate master and esthete. Visit the house where he lived and his workshop, reconstituted in the strictest respect of the ancient atmosphere. It was in these rooms that he received his artist friends, the greatest names of his time: Cézanne,Renoir, Signac, Caillebotte…

Georges Clemenceau said about this extraordinary place: «The garden of Monet counts among his words, realizing the charm of an adaptation of nature to the worg of the painter and the light. An extension of open-air worhshop, with color palettes profusely spread on all sides for the gymnastics of the eye, through the appetites of vibrations of which a feverish retina waits fo joys never appeased […].»

Discover the landscapes and villages painted by the impressionists

The village of Giverny offers pleasant walks, like so many strolls in works of art in open air. Its Museum of Impressionism brings together the paintings of the greatest international painters of this artistic movement and is regularly renewed with several annual exhibitions. Male a stop at the old Baudy hotel, now a restaurant and brewery, where Cezanne and Rodin once lived. Extend your stroll through Vernon and admire its old mill, represented by Monet in his painting Maisons sur le Vieux Pont à Vernon.

You too, let yourself be amazed by the light and soul of these enchanting places.