Ride responsibly

Paris Premium Limo Supports the National Limousine Association’s partnership with «Ride Responsibly®», a campaign encouraging the public to Think Before You App®.

What Does That Mean Exactly ?

To « Think Before You App®” is to consider the risks involved when using popular ride-hailing apps and services. Often times, these ride-sharing apps will treat their chauffeurs as 3rd party provides, taking the responsibility and accountability off of them for all of their driver’s actions. Furthermore, there are no universal regulatory safety and employment standards for hiring these . With no regular standard in place, these apps only perform varying, if any, levels of criminal background checks, and drug testing for these chauffeurs we are so willingly getting into a car with. While not all chauffeurs or ride-hailing apps are dangerous, the reality is that many of them are and incidents occur startlingly often.
The « Ride Responsibly®” campaign, empowered by the National Limousine Association, aims to bring awareness to acts of violence, sexual assault, operation of vehicles by unsafe or unlicensed chauffeurs, as well as the many other crimes that occur everyday due to the negligence of ride-hailing apps and the complacency of passengers alike. Getting in the car with a stranger has become so commonplace that no one thinks twice about the risks involved. While you personally cannot vet your chauffeurs, ride-hailing services can. « Ride Responsibly®” aims to hold all private ground transportation services to the same standards regarding safety and employment. This ensures that these chauffeurs are subject to drug screenings, criminal background checks, and have proper license and insurance for your safety.

Our Safety Standards

Paris Premium Limo is approved by the Ministry of Transport and are proud members of the National Limousine Association. As such, each of our chauffeurs undergo a thorough screening process to ensure that our passengers have a quality experience with a chauffeurs they can trust. The safety and needs and comfort of our clients are our top priority. As members of the National Limousine Association, we share the belief that all of our passengers are entitled to:

  • Proof of proper commercial-for-hire licensing and certifications as governed by local, state and federal regulations
  • Air conditioning or heat on request
  • Access to fully functioning seatbelts
  • A safe and courteous chauffeurs that obeys all traffic laws with proof of commercial vehicle insurance Assurance that the vehicle being driven,
    has undergone regular inspections, and is certified safe and mechanically sound
  • A fully-vetted and trained that has undergone official criminal background checks and pre-hire drug testing
  • Ready access to the transportation service provider, via email, telephone or in-person,
    of the ground transportation service to voice any concerns or complaints that arise before, during and after the ride
  • A quoted fare for your trip and a final charge that matches that agreed-upon amount (except in cases of changes in trip itinerary or duration)

Paris Premium Limousines prides itself on providing customer care and ensuring a great experience. Not only are our chauffeurs extremely knowledgeable of the area, they are carefully vetted and professional. Paris Premium Limo proudly supports the « Ride Responsibly®” movement and would like to remind the public of the inherent danger of ride-hailing apps that do not undergo careful screening and urge them to be safe when getting in the car with someone they don’t know.